Emerging Leaders Program

Auburn Theological Seminary, in partnership with the Rose Castle Foundation, is excited to offer its Emerging Leaders in support of our mission to identify and inspire leaders of faith and moral courage from the pulpit to the public square to bridge divides, build community, pursue justice, and heal the world.
"This interfaith space and these practical tools feel like professional lifesavers for me right now. I’ve been reminded all week how nourishing and impactful interreligious spaces can be, and I’m already looking forward to growing more of those connections in my home city and communities. My mind is also buzzing with how these reconciliation tools can be used in truly every faith-based, nonprofit, and/or reflective space I work in — and how I might combine them with other tools and practices I had already possessed before the program. Much material for exploration and collaboration!” – 2024 Cohort participant
The Auburn Rose Way Program is an intensive, immersive experience with a multi-faith, cross-cultural, and diverse cohort of emerging leaders. Held within the rhythms of prayer/reflection, walk-and-talks, creativity, and connection, the program will explore a deep-to-deep methodology that encourages and invites authenticity and challenge alongside care and respect for our “others.” We will explore reconciliation with ourselves, our communities, and explore how to reach out beyond our communities.
The program goals include:

Encounter: to build relationships with others from different faiths and/or backgrounds in a carefully facilitated space that fosters curious and respectful “deep to deep” conversation where nobody is required to leave their faith, ideology, or any aspect of their identity at the door;

Engage: to engage with the values, practices, and skills of a faith-based approach to bridging divides, transforming conflict, and reconciliation, including Scriptural Reasoning and other interactive frameworks, tools, and resources;

Restore: to build cooperative relationships across deep differences and move toward restoring broken relationships, on a personal and collective level.

Reimagine: to reimagine your role as a reconciler, emerging with your cohort as a confident network of faith-formed leaders with a focus on bridging divides, practical peacemaking, and conflict transformation.

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About the Rose Castle Foundation

Based in Cumbria, England, Rose Castle works with emerging leaders motivated by their faith and moving into positions of influence across societal divides.

Through the Auburn Rose Way methodology, you will be equipped to lead through change, chaos, and conflict, not just today but for the long term. Leaders learn with those on the other side of their divides, re-humanizing those they no longer see or hear, and working towards a more peaceful future where both sides flourish–where their differences still matter.

This methodology is called ‘deep-to-deep’ encounter. In a carefully facilitated space, where nobody is required to leave their faith or ideology at the door, it is possible to explore searching questions because it feels natural and safe to do so. This depth of interaction draws out vital common ground, but, more importantly, allows space to understand our differences. Instead of seeking shallow agreement, it enables a better quality of disagreement.

This focus on difference as well as common ground, with space to explore and articulate our faith or ideological motivations, makes the Auburn Rose Way unique.
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