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Auburn has a long history of robust research in theological education. Pioneered and championed by Auburn’s former President, Dr. Barbara Wheeler, Auburn produced essential research reports on trends and data for theological executives and faculties. These reports included analysis on student debt, continuing education and life-long learning, giving trends, trustee engagement markers, and bright spots in theological education, to name only a few topics. Following the release of research reports, the Center traditionally provided consultations and resources for leaders in theological education.

Between 2005-2007, Auburn Theological Seminary, in partnership with Lilly Endowment, Inc., endowed the Center for Study of Theological Education with funds. Since the Center’s founding, the horizons and landscape of theological education have shifted. World historical events, exacerbated globalization, and profound technological shifts have created new needs, calling for diversifying research methods and approaches in tailoring and delivering theological education. To address these shifts, leaders in theological education need robust data analysis and tools designed with theological education in mind.

Past reports are indexed with ATLA and can be found on Ebsco. 

A Gap in Resources for Leaders in Theological Education
Auburn Theological Seminary’s Center for Research addresses a need in theological education for research and analysis that can support leaders in their context. As was the founding of the Center for Study of Theological Education, Auburn provides support through empirical research, surveys on theological education and its beneficiaries, and research-based institutional interventions. Auburn's research attends to shifts in religious and theological institutions and religious trends in the broader society.

Auburn collaborates with various partners, including the Association of Theological Schools and InTrust, to provide an annual research report that supports the field of theological education. In addition, Auburn hosts annual consultations and webinars, helping theological leaders break down research into meaningful resources and practices to take back to their institutions.

2024 Study - Executive Leadership Turnover
What does the unprecedented turnover of executive leaders during the pandemic signal about the changes in theological education? What were boards and search firms looking for in this new class of executives that might signal what is at stake for theological education? What might the field learn from leaders who changed or moved out of leadership since 2017 about the changing landscape in theological education? With more than 500 transitions in CEO and CAO positions since 2017, the field is undergoing rapid change. We hope to learn about what this might signal for the future of theological education.

Check back soon to read the full report and attend our webinar.

Past reports will be listed soon.

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