The Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III: Track hate crimes against Sikh Americans
By mreyf
September 19, 2012

In this powerful new video, the Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III, Pastor at Trinity United Church of Christ, calls upon all people to stand up and ask the government to track hate crimes against the Sikh community.

Click here to add your name to the petition asking the FBI to track hate crimes against Sikhs.

The massacre of six worshippers in a Sikh gurdwara (house of worship) in Oak Creek, Wisconsin on August 5, 2012, calls us to combat hate in all forms against all people. But the FBI does not keep track of hate crimes specifically against Sikh Americans, as it does for many other religious and racial groups.

Join the Sikh American community, Auburn, Groundswell, and a growing multifaith movement in asking the FBI to track anti-Sikh hate crimes. What we do together in the 100 days after Oak Creek will help combat hate for years to come.

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On Wednesday, September 19th, the U.S. Senate will hold a historic hearing in response to the tragedy of Oak Creek, WI this coming Wednesday, September 19th, at 2:30pm. Congress heard our call for a national conversation to combat hate in America!

This is our chance to advocate for real policy changes to combat hate in America. The number of signatures collected will be reported in the congressional testimony we submit for the record – a permanent memory of the stand we take together against hate crimes in America.

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