"My Mind Was Changed” Toolkit: Change hearts & minds on marriage equality
By mreyf
June 08, 2012

In May, President Obama made history with a groundbreaking announcement of his support for same-sex marriage.

How did a person who for years opposed marriage equality for same-sex couples because of religious convictions change his mind? If we can understand what led President Obama to give his support, we can help others to make the leap in this critical religious and values moment.

The "My Mind Was Changed" toolkit is a great resource to help understand and turn religiously-motivated opponents of same-sex marriage into supporters.

In particular, the toolkit shares a new way to talk about LGBT equality that can help conflicted Christians move through religious and emotional conflict to become more accepting of the freedom to marry.

If it worked for President Obama, perhaps it can work for you and your community, too.

The toolkit spotlights:

• A new, more nuanced understanding of conflicted Christians
• New Christian-based cultural frameworks around which to base messaging
• Recommendations on story-based approaches to moving the hearts and minds of conflicted Christians
• How best to use Bible Scripture when talking about LGBT equality

The toolkit is a powerful resource for faith leaders, experts on religion, movement leaders, foundation staff and others who want to effectively make the Christian case for same-sex marriage to conflicted Christian voters, particularly in Minnesota, Maryland, Maine and Washington, which will hold same-sex ballot initiatives this election year.

Click here to order a copy of the "My Mind Was Changed" toolkit now.