A Small Act

A Small Act: Faith-Based Resources are now available for your faith community!

If your church or synagogue is considering bringing A Small Act into your community, here's an excellent resource to help you take the discussion even further.

Auburn is proud to work Harambee Media to bring you A Small Act: Faith-Based Resources, tailored for both Jewish and Christian communities. This curriculum resource includes small group and large group discussion as well as sermon notes for your leadership.  Consider screening A Small Act, then using the faith-based resource to inspire further study and discussion as well as sharing this with your faith leadership for use in preparation of their weekly message.

A Small Act: Faith-Based Resources is a free resource to help you go deeper into the meaningful conversation of A Small Act. For more information about how to coordinate the film screening in your community click here

A Small Act Faith-Based Resources

Resources for Jewish Communities

Resources for Christian Communities


Community Appeal

How can your religious community be inspired by the power of small acts and how these actions help heal the world? 

Call to Action

A Small Act can help your religious community:

 •Form a committee to address issues how their small acts can make a differene within your local community and beyond.
 •Explore their sacred texts to find examples of the small acts that have led to meaningful change. 
 •See the power of time in creating effective change and resilience in beginning projects that turn toward the community.

Bookmark this organization:  Auburn recommends A Network for Good to keep track of your community's small acts.

To keep the conversation going around A Small Act, Auburn recommends:

• Screening A Small Act for youth and adults in your community.
• Using guided discussion points to create an education program.
• Bring this story into your congregation and the message and sermon of the week.

Synopsis and Purchase Information
A Small Act, 2010

When Hilde Back sponsored a young, impoverished Kenyan student, she thought nothing of it. She paid roughly $15 dollars per term to keep him in primary school. She certainly never expected to hear from him, but many years later, she does. Chris Mburu has been thinking of his “angel” Hilde since he was a boy. The small contribution she made paid off – Chris went all the way to Harvard. Now, he’s a respected UN human rights lawyer, dedicating his life to battling genocide and crimes against humanity. Chris decides to replicate Hilde’s generosity by starting his own scholarship fund, and he names it after her. This scholarship will educate bright kids in his village so they can also succeed and give back. But when Kenya’s public schools start failing and Kenya falls into ethnic-based election violence, Chris must decide how his small act can continue to help.

To learn more about A Small Act and how it can be a resource to your community click here.