For Seminary Faculty

Since 2004, Auburn has been a leader in the field of multifaith education in theological schools. Read about the impact this leadership has had on the world of theological education in the feature article of the Fall 2011 issue of the Association of Theological School's Colloquy magazine (see pages 2-7).

  • ► Over 120 faculty from more than 80 seminaries have attended one of Auburn's annual faculty development seminars which convene seminary professors to discuss the role and process of multifaith education in the formation of a religious leader. 
  • ► Auburn released a study of the state of multifaith education in American seminaries, Beyond World Religions in 2009. The study created the first snapshot of the state of the field, noting top schools and courses in multifaith education, and gathering the most valuable resources for seminary faculty interested in teaching about other faiths in the environment of a theological school.
  • ► Auburn consults with seminary educators and leaders who are interested in strengthening the role of multifaith education at their schools.
  • ► In the Spring of 2013, Auburn will release the Multifaith Education Pedagogy Project, featuring an edited set of pedagogical essays and video interviews by leading multifaith seminary educators including Frank Clooney (Havard Divinity School), Judith Berling (Graduate Theological Union), Nancy Fuchs-Kreimer (Reconstructionist Rabbinical College), Lisa Hess (United Seminary), Timur Yuskaev (Hartford Seminary), Doug McConnell (Fuller Seminary), and Gordon Mikoski (Princeton Seminary).

If you are a seminary faculty or leader interested in multifaith education, we want to hear from you. Please contact Rabbi Justus Baird so we can include you in our growing network of seminary faculty and learn from the efforts at your institution.