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Years in the making, the uprising in Egypt began with a Facebook page and grew into a revolution. The media has turned to many voices during the past two weeks and Auburn recognizes Egyptian journalist and Muslim Mona Eltahawy for her thoughtful analysis. This clip from CNN shows Eltahawy urging for stronger media responsibility in their coverage of the uprising. To learn more about the powerful intersection between religion and social change, click here for Auburn resources.  

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In the News: Rev. Dr. John Vaughn Testifies to Senate to Stop Sex Trafficking

Auburn Executive Vice President Rev. Dr. John Vaughn testifies at a senate hearing about ten landmark bills that address child and adult sex trafficking in Washington State. Join the Groundswell of support to protect children from sex trafficking by clicking here. Learn more about calling on Village Voice Media to permanently shut down’s Adult section by clicking here. 

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Religious Leader: Author Samar Jarrah

As the observance of Ramadan concludes, Muslim author and professor Samar Jarrah speaks to the special experience of observing this holiday as a Muslim in the U.S. Find out more about Auburn’s resources for Ramadan by clicking here, including the the rest of this interview with NPR's Speaking of Faith.  

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Religious Leader: Bishop Yvette Flunder urges for LGBT equality and understanding.

Across the U.S. this upcoming Sunday June 27th is the celebration of Gay Pride and the call to action for LGBT equality. Let Auburn be a source of information of LGBT equality across religious traditions through film, news and updates.  Click here to learn more about LGBT equality on Auburn’s Web site and click here to find LGBT media resources for your teaching and preaching.

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Religious Leader: Kanyere Eaton

Rev. Kanyere Eaton was celebrated at Auburn Lives of Commitment, where more than 500 gathered to honore women who bridge religious divides, build community, and pursue justice. Learn more about Auburn's commitment to women's leadership by clicking here and see highlight's of Lives of Commitment by clicking here.  

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Religious Leader: Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Moderator Rev. Bruce Reyes-Chow

In 2010, the 219th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) gathered in Minneopolis, Minnesota to worship, vote and build up the church to further its mission in the world.  Click here to learn more about how Auburn equips Christian ministers to thrive amidst the complex challenges of contemporary ministry and here to learn more about Auburn's Presbyterian programs.  Hear Presbyterian minister and Auburn President Rev. Dr. Katharine Henderson define how to be a bold and resilient church leader by clicking here. 

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Religious Leader: All the faith leaders who gathered to stop sex trafficking

On March 29, faith leaders including The Rev. Dr. Katharine Henderson and Valarie Kaur, Director of Groundswell, gathered in New York City to hand-deliver nearly 250,000 petition signatures demanding that Village Voice Media cease running advertisements in the Adult section of its Web site that others have used to sell and buy minors for sex. Join the Groundswell of Responsibility campaign by clicking here

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Religious Leader: Ari Hart

Ari Hart is co-founder of Uri L’Tzedek, the first Jewish-Orthodox social justice organization. He has been a voice in creating awareness around making Kosher food laws Yosher which means ethical. Learn more about Auburn's commitment to religion and justice by clicking here.  Click here for Auburn resources for Religion in a Multifaith World.  

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Religious Leader: Ari Wallach

Ari Wallach leads a discussion on the role of technology in driving the future of faith this Tuesday March 13th at 7pm and click here to join the conversation. Social innovation expert and Co-founder of The Great Schlep, Ari Wallach challenges us to begin imagining what the world should look and use this image to guide us to heal and repair the world. Join Auburn and Brick Presbyterian Church for this 3-part church series the Future of Faith and click here to learn more. 

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Religious Leader: Bishop Gene Robinson

Voted one of Wall Street Journal's 'Top 10 Documentaries to Watch' at last week's Sundance Film Festival, “Love Free or Die” explores the personal story of Bishop Gene Robinson, the first openly gay Bishop in Christendom.  Learn more about the film by visiting the “Love Free or Die” website by clicking here.  This film is directed by Macky Alston, Senior Director of Auburn Media.  To learn more about Auburn Media click here and to learn more about Auburn’s commitment to troubling the waters and healing the world click here.

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Religious Leader: Bishop Minerva Carcaño

The first Hispanic woman to be elected to the episcopacy of The United Methodist Church, Auburn will celebrate Bishop Carcaño and her work championing immigration issues at Auburn's Friday May 6th Lives of Commitment Breakfast. Join Auburn at Lives of Commitment on May 6th by clicking here. To learn more about Auburn’s commitment to women’s leadership click here.

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