Religion and Research

Auburn research seeks to understand how best to equip successful leaders and the institutions that train and educate them for the sake of the communities of faith they lead. Leaders matter, and our vibrant research agenda creates knowledge about how to target, train, and elevate leaders of faith and moral courage with the skills and resolve needed to create a more just world.

We pursue this agenda by continuing our long-time focus on the broad ecology of schools forming the next generation of religious leadership (through the Center for the Study of Theological Education, established in 1991). In concert with this focus, our research agenda includes new initiatives such as: public theological engagement with pressing social issues (Applied Theology), researching the training of religious leaders for justice movements (Auburn Research), measuring the impact of programs and initiatives (Consulting and Evaluation) and collaborating with scholars who are addressing today’s leadership challenges (CrossCurrents Research Colloquium). In all our endeavors we seek to provide greater understanding of the most effective way to equip leaders of faith and moral courage for today’s pressing social concerns.

Other Research

Auburn provides a broad array of research projects and analysis on multifaith leaders and best means to prepare them, and the congregations and organizations they lead, to face pressing social issues of our time.
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Applied Theology

Creating and curating theological reflections from multifaith and diverse perspectives, on pressing social concerns such as immigration, inequality, moral economy, climate change and gun violence.
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Auburn Research in the News

To read theo, Auburn's research newsletter, and news clippings of Auburn's research click here
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Center for the Study of Theological Education

For nearly 25 years, Auburn has been a leader in research on theological education including teaching and learning, public impact, institutional resources, and data and resources on theological student debt.
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Auburn Consulting

We offer a broad variety of consulting services to individuals and organizations.
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Auburn Research Colloquium

The 2015 CrossCurrents Auburn Research Colloquium will be held in July in New York City. Fellows work on a research or writing project related to the theme of “Mission and Media: Shaping the Beloved Community.”
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