Religion and Research

Auburn Research is an integral part of the mission of Auburn Seminary to provide leadership for a Multifaith movement for justice. Using both qualitative and quantitative research, Auburn seeks to understand the challenges and opportunities that face religious leaders, the institutions that train and educate them, and the communities of faith they lead.

Since 1991, the Center for the Study of Theological Education (CSTE) has provided data, information and perspectives on theological education in North America through its reports on faculty, administrators, graduates, students and student debt, and seminary finances.

In recent years, Auburn Research expanded its agenda to include research on the role of Multifaith education in theological schools and the training of religious leaders for social justice work. It commissioned essays on the role of money in politics from various religious perspectives and supported research on theological perspectives around gay and lesbian issues. Through studies on the role of faith in justice movements it hopes to provide greater understanding of the most effective way to equip leaders of faith and moral courage for today’s pressing social concerns.

Theological Student Debt

For over twenty years, Auburn’s research center has provided data and analysis on theological student debt. Here you can find research reports, videos, and other resources on this issue.
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Research on Theological Education

Click here to view research on seminary leadership as well as seminary students, graduates and faculty.
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Theo: Auburn Research Newsletter

We publish an occasional newsletter, Theo, that offers the latest research findings on issues of concern to theological schools and seminaries and the denominations, organizations, and individuals that support theological education.
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Auburn Research in the News

Click here to read selected news clippings of Auburn’s various research studies and projects in the news.
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Other Auburn Research

Auburn provides research and analysis on religious leadership and pressing social issues of our times from a multifaith perspective.
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Auburn Seminary’s experienced consultants use our extensive collection of data on theological education and findings from the Auburn Research studies to help institutions understand the challenges and solve the problems that confront them.
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