From Pope Francis to marriage equality to the 2014 midterms, religion and faith are today's headlines.

Auburn Media provides media expertise to religious leaders and religious expertise to the media. Recognizing that so many turn to mainstream media and the Internet for information, education and inspiration, Auburn Media equips religious leaders to communicate effectively through media channels and helps mediamakers and journalists connect with and cover the voices and stories they most need to hear.

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Auburn Media launched in 2002 after its current director Macky Alston was comissioned by Auburn to survey the landscape of nonfiction television programming on religion, spirituality and ethics. The survey concluded that the majority of voices and stories in mainstream media focused on religious extremes and did not represent the diversity and depth of religious life in America and abroad, and the true nature of its influence on culture and public life.

In 2003, Auburn developed a range of intiatives that equip religious leaders with media resources and savvy, so that they can use media in their congregation- and community-based work as well as for public witness.

Today, Auburn Media has trained over 2,000 religious leaders and experts on religion, many of whom are in the news on a weekly basis. In addition, Auburn innovates new ways to distribute and integrate "story-based media," from documentary films to video-rich Web sites, into faith-community education programs and organizing efforts, so that story - that which has enlivened our religious traditions from their inception - continues to ignite compassion and conviction around the globe.