Groundswell fuels a movement for justice that transcends partisan politics. We generate open-source social action campaigns that unite people from all walks of life around shared moral imperatives. A rising generation hungry for a multifaith movement that's not just about a single issue or political party, but a shared moral vision for a better world. Groundswell echoes and amplifies that call for justice welling up among the secular, the seeking, and people of faith. We provide avenues for an emerging movement to take strategic social action around justice issues of the hour.

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In Groundswell's current campaign, Groundswell of Responsibility, we are mobilizing supporters across the faith and moral spectra to join us in calling on Village Voice Media to shut down’s Adult section immediately. Every day in America, thousands of girls and boys are bought and sold for sex in our own backyards. is routinely used as a prominent commercial platform to traffic kids for sexual exploitation. Fifty-one U.S. Attorneys General have called on to follow Craigslist's example and shut down its Adult section. Groundswell brought together a coalition of thirty-six faith and moral leaders who amplified their request. Now we call upon you to join the groundswell and sign the petition. Together, we can urge a company to do the right thing and put kids above their profit margin.