Regional Partners

Face to Face/Faith to Faith operates in three international regions in addition to the United States:

In 2013-2014, Face to Face / Faith to Faith is being carried out in each region, with intensive gatherings, international exchanges, and local programming. The program is also undergoing a strategic review and planning process, with an updated program format expected in 2014-2015. 

Program Partners Around the World

Auburn has close partnerships with regional NGO's to carry out Face to Face programming outside of the U.S.

Northern Ireland
Partner: Corrymeela Community
Regional Director: Matt Craig

  • Founded in 1965, Corrymeela began as a community of approximately fifty Christians from every type of background, including stay-at-home parents, professionals, and students.  In the decades since, Corrymeela has worked to curb the violence of the Northern Irish conflict and the polarization it produces.  Each year more than 7,000 participants from around the world take part in Corrymeela's programs. 
  • Corrymeela has a number of programs that embody the same principles as Face to Face.  These programs develop Catholics and Protestants in their own faiths and challenge them to be open-minded to those of other faith traditions.  Corrymeela upholds its commitment to working with youth, focusing on those who are marginalized because of their beliefs - making it the perfect partner for Face to Face in Northern Ireland.

South Africa
Partner: GOAL Trust
Regional Director: Natalie Simons-Arendse

  • The GOAL Trust, founded by Natalie Simons-Arendse, is the primary address for interfaith youth programming in Cape Town. GOAL's purpose is "to increase responsible citizenship and develop the leadership capacity in young South Africans." In addition to Face to Face / Faith to Faith, GOAL runs a parallel leadership development programme for high school students in the region, and an active Alumni program for Face to Face / Faith to Alumni. In 2013-14, Face to Face / Faith to Faith is expanding to become a national program in South Africa, reaching young leaders beyond the Cape Town region for the first time.

Partner: Interreligious Coordinating Council in Israel 
Regional Leaders: Ron Kronish

  • Founded in 1991, the Interreligious Coordinating Council in Israel (ICCI) is one of Israel's best-known and most-respected interreligious organizations. ICCI works with dozens of Christian, Palestinian/Muslim, and Jewish institutions, including Jewish-Arab coexistence organizations. In addition to numerous adult programs, ICCI brings together Israeli (Jewish) and Palestinian (Muslim and Christian) high school youth and young adults for intensive conflict transformation and leadership development programs.  By cultivating young leadership committed to social change and empowering them with the skills to effect that change, ICCI  expands the impact of these programs to schools, communities and the wider public.