Prison/Prison Reentry

Auburn is committed to helping communities of faith be a resource to the formerly incarcerated. We’ve seen how congregations have made a critical difference in helping the formerly incarcerated transition and thrive into society. This is why Auburn has created programs to help your religious community take action:

• Hard Road Home Film and Community Action Initiative
Hard Road Home tells the story of Julio Medina and his journey to set up Exodus Transitional Community, a program dedicated to breaking the cycle of prison incarceration. This extraordinary documentary that aired in 2007 on PBS also has a version that is tailored specifically to faith communities.

This film has inspired many communities to set up initiatives within their local communities – and so can yours. Follow this link to learn more about Hard Road Home and how your organization can experience the hope in one of the most important social issues facing all of our cities.

• Becoming the Promising Land
In 2007 Hard Road Home inspired a national conference on assistance to the formerly incarcerated and breaking the cycle of prison reentry. Co-sponsored by Union, New York, and Auburn Theological Seminaries with the Presbytery of New York, this two-day conference featured a screening of Hard Road Home, Q&A with the filmmaker and Julio Medina as well as panels, presentations and workshops. .

Auburn recommends ICARE to help your community become a vital resource in giving a second chance to someone formerly incarcerated.