Presbyterian Programs
Auburn Theological Seminary is the second oldest seminary affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (USA). It was founded in 1818 to train Presbyterian pastors for churches on the frontier that was then expanding westward from upstate New York.
Today, Auburn maintains a covenant agreement with the Presbyterian Church (USA) to promote strong church leadership in the 21st century by:
  • • Supporting students both academically and through their seminary faith journey.  Auburn's Presbyterian Students Program is for students at Union Theological Seminary, an independent seminary that historically has a strong contingent of Presbyterian students;

    • Providing a range of non-degree theological education programs for Presbyterian ministers, elders, and laypeople, with a particular emphasis on those located in New York State.

    • Acting as a resource for the Presbyterian Church (USA) by providing programs and research on topics related to Presbyterian church leadership. 

Upcoming Course:

The Practice of Presbyterian Ministry: Worship & Its Theological Foundations (CI-213 in the Union Seminary catalog; 2 credits) will be offered Thursday evenings from 6:10-8 p.m. in the fall semester. This course helps prepare students for two PC(USA) ordination exams and a vocation of Christian leadership by examining the design and practice of Christian worship within the Reformed/Presbyterian theological tradition and for the church today. Emphasis is given to the development of one’s unique vision and “voice” for all aspects of worship leadership in specific community, liturgical and pastoral contexts. Designed for middlers and advanced seminary students. The course will be taught by the Rev. Greg Horn.

Registration info: Contact Union Seminary to register for the course and receive academic credit. If you simply want to audit the course, or if you are training to become a Commissioned Ruling Elder in the PC(USA) and simply need a letter of completion rather than formal academic credit, you may do so by registering with Courtney Weber at The fee for an audit is $500; the fee for a non-credit letter of completion is $750.