Pray the Devil Back to Hell

Community Appeal
How can your community be a voice in peacemaking work in South Africa?

Let your religious leadership experience the story of Pray the Devil Back to Hell and learn how one idea can ignite a movement.  It only takes one committee or group to create lasting support to communities in need such as this struggle profiled in this inspiring documentary. 

Call to Action
Fact:  Though women carry out more than 80 percent of the Liberian trading workforce, they are often paid a fraction of their male counterparts and are more susceptible to disease and illness.  United Nations Gender Equality Fact Sheet

Pray the Devil Back to Hell can help your community:

  • •Connect directly with a woman struggling to rebuild her life after international conflict and offer support to her and her community.   
  • •Organize a committee to offer support to rebuilding efforts across West Africa with a focus on the role of women, war and peace.
  • •Invite a speaker from a peacemaking network to lead an educational program and set create congregational initiatives to be involved in your faith traditions peacemaking ministry.

Watch Pray the Devil Back to Hell and learn how an ordinary group of people came together to bring peace to their community.  Let this inform how your religious community can make a difference to the continued struggle in South Africa and in peacemaking worldwide…and peacemaking in your own neighborhood.

Bookmark this Organization:  Auburn recommends Peace is Loud to track the issue of human rights violations with a special attention to the empowering role of women in creating solutions for change. 

To keep the Pray the Devil Back to Hell conversation going, Auburn recommends:

  • Purchasing this film for your community lending library.
  • •Create an education program around a Pray the Devil Back to Hell screening in your community
  • •Forming a committee to support women’s peacebuilding work.  Click here for more information.

Synopsis and Purchase Information 
Pray the Devil Back to Hell, 2008

Pray the Devil Back to Hell is the inspiring story of a group of ordinary women who came together – Muslim and Christian, rich and poor, urban and rural – to bring peace to their war-torn but beloved Liberia.  The story of their historic but unsung achievement captures the power within all of us to create change. 

To purchase a copy of Pray the Devil Back to Hell click here and let this film be a resource to your community.

Follow this link for more information on Pray the Devil Back to Hell.