Word on the Street

"Other religions have become more real to me. Reading about other religions gives you factual information, even reading novels that incorporate (or are about) other religions don’t go far beyond that. However, having seen religion in action, just once, is like a proof that they are actually lived, and that they are not fairy tales.” 

-Miriam (Catholic)

“One of the things that struck me most was the humility that worshipers are expected to show before Allah (or Yahweh or God) with repeated prostration. Of course, humility can be shown in different ways, like by wearing the kippah or in the quiet spaces of prayer. Maybe ultimately, the most important kind of humility is not the kind that we show in physical behavior or dress, but still, I think that there's something in that tangible expression of humility before God that we modern Protestants could gain from.”  

-Jun Luke (Presbyterian)

“The reason why I found My Faith/Your Faith interesting is that it brings people from different religions together and educates them about each other. I am the kind of person who values diversity of culture and religion. I feel that this diversity should bring people together rather than draw them apart as if should create the motif and interest of new learning and experience in meeting people of different cultures and religions.”  

-Maha (Muslim)

“I think that My Faith/Your Faityh really impacted my life by allowing myself to see the people in the world around me in a more understanding point of view. Teens should join My Faith/Your Faith because it offers an opportunity matched by none. It is an opportunity to learn about others and to be able to ask questions with experts of other religions.”  

-Shaun (Jewish)