About the toolkit

In recent weeks, Auburn Media has been teaching the toolkit "My Mind Was Changed": A New Way to Talk with Conflicted Christians about Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People in Church and Society around the country.

From Seattle, Washington to Lansing, Michigan to Portland, Maine, people on the front lines are saying: this is exactly what I have learned from my years of work, and what I need to train others on how to turn religiously motivated opponents of LGBT equality into supporters.

It's why we took the toolkit online for our very first "My Mind Was Changed" webinar in May – and over 100 faith leaders, experts on religion, nonprofiteers and others signed up!

Now we're going a step further and making the "Mind Was Changed" toolkit available for you to advance your work for equality and justice in this critical election year.

Click here to order a copy of the "My Mind Was Changed" toolkit.

Based on our original research – conducted by Auburn Media, in partnership with Fenton and Goodwin Simon Strategic Research – the toolkit shares a new way to talk about LGBT dignity that helps conflicted Christians move through religious and emotional conflicts to become more supportive of equality.

It's our moment to organize locally and move our nation's faith communities to support equality for our LGBT brothers and sisters.

You can click here to order the "My Mind Was Changed" toolkit and PDF.