Media Training Workshops

Media is the pulpit of the 21st century: from immigration to gun violence to LGBT equality to racial profiling to money in politics, religion and faith dominate today's headlines. Over the past eleven years, Auburn Media has trained over 3,500 faith leaders, establishing itself as a key media trainer for the multifaith movement for justice.

Auburn Media equips faith leaders and experts on religion to stand for justice through the press.

Auburn Media Training Workshops
Auburn Media offers group and individual trainings. Our highly acclaimed full-day workshop is typically 7 hours long, and our individual workshop is typically 2 hours.

Training Highlights:

•Participants will learn the Top 10 Tips for speaking powerfully through the media and a messaging strategy designed for faith voices. These tools will equip leaders with skills to take their authentic voices and social justice or values issue and create a media-ready message that can platform their work to a new audience through television, radio, effective blogging, social media and op-eds.

•Participants will receive preparation in creating strong messaging, learning how to harness the power of story. These tools are core to the Auburn Media Training curriculum for effective engagement.

•Participants will receive on-camera training with guidance and feedback from the trainers. This work gives them key practice to tighten their messages and prepares them to be camera-ready for the public square of the media.

•In addition to the Auburn Media Training team, participants will benefit from the wisdom of a carefully selected faculty that will include leaders in the field of communication and religion. 

For more information about our workshops, please contact Courtney Weber, Events & Trainings manager for Auburn Media, at (212) 870-3187 or


“The training was pivotal, enriching, edifying and affirming in so many ways. Your training helped me to see my calling, my journey – and myself – a little more clearly. And I am forever thankful.” – Rev. Irene Monroe, Huffington Post blogger, and syndicated religion columnist.

“Auburn Media has been very successful in enabling religious communities to effectively convey their message through the media. Auburn’s uniqueness lies in its understanding the power of media and how religious leaders should frame their messages for the general public.” – Daisy Khan, American Society for Muslim Advancement.

“I learned concrete skills that were relevant; I got to learn the theory and then practice it; the session was grounded explicitly in Jewish values and language; the training team was dynamic and engaging; I came away inspired and eager to try new ways of communicating with the world. Really, this was an incredible opportunity and I am deeply grateful to have been included.” – Rabbi Lisa Goldstein, executive director of Hillel of San Diego.

"I am very, very grateful for the Auburn Media Training I received, which enabled me to both hone my media skills and think creatively about how media must be a part of any strategy around ethics, spirituality, technology and ecological concerns with corporations." — Sister Pat Daly, executive director, Tri-State Coalition for Responsible Investment.