Who beat President Obama & Lady Gaga?

The first week of April, 5 million people cast their votes for who should make up the 2012 TIME 100. And while TIME editors make the final selections, the people have spoken:

Cecile Richards, TIME 100Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards took spot #17, beating out Lady Gaga, President Obama, and dozens of other world-class leaders.1

At Auburn, we’re even more excited to be honoring Cecile Richards at our Lives of Commitment Breakfast in NYC on May 2nd as a champion of critical family planning and reproductive rights for all. What an affirmation that to stand up for women and families is to stand on the right side of history!

Rabbi Sharon Brous, Top 50 RabbisThis spring brings another amazing accolade for a Lives 2012 honoree—Rabbi Sharon Brous is the first woman to make it to the top 5 of Newsweek's America’s Top 50 Rabbis list.2

Rabbi Sharon Brous jumped from the #10 spot last year and continues to be heralded for infusing spiritual practice with a deep commitment to social justice as the founding rabbi of IKAR. Before our very eyes, the future of religion as a place where personal piety and public duty meld and empower each of us to heal the world is unfolding.

Such much-deserved recognition for prophetic and dedicated public service fuels the transformative leadership of bold women like Rabbi Sharon Brous and Cecile Richards. That’s why Auburn is honoring them both in NYC on May 2nd – to strengthen the spirit-driven movement to bridge religious divides, build community, and pursue justice.

My deep hope is that you will join the Lives of Commitment Breakfast or can support the event with a contribution to help us honor and advance the leaders of 2012. Click here to do so online now.

Let's build the movement for women’s freedom and equality for all by creating and filling a space in which we celebrate the leaders on its frontlines.

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[2] America’s Top 50 Rabbis for 2012