A Jihad for Love

Community Appeal
Is your faith community seekingto understand LGBT equality across religious traditions?

A Jihad for Love can help your congregation understand how the term 'Jihad' does not just mean holy war but can also be interpreted by its literal Arabic definition as‘struggle’ or ‘to strive in the path of God’and how this can apply to the struggle for LGBT equality.

Call to Action
Fact:  Religious motivation is the second most common reason to commit a hate crime. Click here for more information on religious hate crimes.

A Jihad for Love can help your congregation:

•Explore the intersections between Islam and homosexuality.
•Consider opening up a community discussion around LGBT issues in your neighborhood and include multifaith diaglogue to the conversation.

Watch A Jihad for Love and let this just be the beginning of an important discussion on being a gay Muslim and being spiritually devout.

Bookmark this Organization: Auburn recommends Al-Fatiha to learn more about LGBT issues in the Muslim community: 

To keep the A Jihad for Love conversation going, Auburn recommends:

* •Purchasing this film for your community lending library.
* •Engaging in these resources to learn more about the Qur'an, Islam and LGBT.
* •Incorporating tolerance into community prayers and liturgy.

Synopsis and Purchase Information
A Jihad for Love, 2007
Filmed in twelve countries and nine languages A Jihad for Love is the world’s first feature documentary to explore the complex global intersections between Islam and homosexuality. A Jihad for Love’s characters each have vastly different personal takes on Islam, some observing a rigorously orthodox regimen, others leading highly secular lifestyles while remaining spiritually devout. As the camera attentively captures their stories, the film’s gay and lesbian characters emerge in all their human complexity, giving the viewer an honest rendering of their lives while complicating our assumptions about a monolithic Muslim community.

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