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A win for Daniel and his family!
With God's grace, Carlos and his dad will be together this Father's Day. But we’re also praying for the thousands of American families – just like Daniel, Carlos, and Karla – who are torn apart by our broken immigration system." Rev. Alison Harrington.

Auburn Strategic Vision and Plan has arrived! 
These are historic times for Auburn Seminary. As we approach our 200th anniversary, we are thrilled to announce that, after months of discussions and hard work, we have completed the Auburn Strategic Vision and Plan for 2013 to 2018.

Report back: Learn more about a training program by Groundswell!
After a long winter program incubation, Auburn staff traveled to Buffalo, NY to pilot a new training program aimed at helping faith-rooted organizers organize more effectively in a digital age.

  • Auburn just appointed a visionary new leader to our staff and I’m so excited to tell you about him: our new Vice President for Applied Research.
    8:37 AM Jul 15th from Auburn | Read More
  • After a thoughtful and deliberate process that spanned many months, Auburn Seminary is delighted to welcome the Rev. Dr. Christian Scharen as Vice President for Applied Research.
    11:19 AM Jul 1st from Auburn | Read More
  • 2014 CrossCurrents/Auburn Research Fellows Colloquium will be held in July. The Fellows will work on a research or writing project related to the theme: “Religion, Leadership & Social Transformation”
    8:56 PM Jun 16th from Auburn | Read More
Read via @thedailybeast: "Is it Time to Send Lady Liberty Back to France?" @BishopGRobinson http://t.co/U00e39aQLS
4:30 PM Jul 23rd from Auburn

Building the Multifaith Movement for Justice

Listen to leaders of faith and moral courage discuss how Auburn has impacted their communities and their work pursuing justice, including the Rev. Dr. Otis Moss, III, the Rev. Melinda Weekes, Rabbi Angela Buchdahl, Dr. Michael Gilligan and Simran Jeet Singh. Also hear from Auburn's president and executive vice president! We invite you to watch and share this video and help support the multifaith movement for justice.