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Prophetic Grief after the Charleston Church Shooting
Nearly ten thousand people from across America and around the world shared their grief and love for the families in Charleston via Groundswell -- and committed to stand with them in solidarity.

Educating Religious Leaders for Faith-rooted Social Justice Work
This report maps and analyzes the field of educating religious leaders for faith-rooted justice work in America. The scope of this report is limited to places and programs where religious leaders are intentionally educated, equipped, or trained to engage in social justice work and leadership.

Listen: Rev. Dr. Katharine Rhodes Henderson's Chautauqua Institution sermons
Auburn President the Rev. Dr. Katharine Rhodes Henderson delivered sermons of love and justice: “We need to immerse ourselves in the reality of the immigrant, right now.”

RT @highmindedjews: Great list of faith-rooted social justice org's/programs, courtesy @AuburnSeminary! https://t.co/N8V5YMJPR1 #tikkunolam…
12:36 AM Dec 1st from Auburn

Galvanizing Multifaith leaders for Social Change

Auburn is a center for leadership development that identifies and strengthens today’s greatest leaders of faith and moral courage. We invite you to watch and learn how we advance the multifaith movement for justice.