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Tell me a story.

Stories are at the center of a religious life from our sacred texts to the way we frame the current needs of our community and the world at large.

Documentary film provides a compelling way to invite someone into an assembly hall, living room, classroom or sanctuary who might never otherwise have been heard, to tell a story that might never otherwise have been shared.

Auburn is proud to be a resource for extraordinary story-telling in documentary films that address the key issues on the hearts and minds of your faith community. The stories that are told in the documentary films we feature produce emotional resonance, which can inspire in us the desire to act compassionately, and provide direction, so that we can organize our communities around that emotion to more effectively bridge religious divides, build community, pursue justice, and heal the world.

Whether you are a religious leader, an educator or someone seeking answers to your questions of faith, let Auburn be a resource for documentary films well-suited for justice-minded people of faith. We hope you will browse the titles on the menu to the left and click on the videos throughout the site to sample some scenes of the films we love.

We invite you to take a look at the inspiring stories that will help convey the message of your religious community. Click here.

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