Auburn is committed to helping you cultivate your own responsible and inspired green leadership.We believe we are called to right relationship with our home, in the biggest sense of the word, and that care of our planet and all of creation can unite us across faith communities. That's why we've created programs to help religious leaders take action:

  • The Renewal Project for Emerging Religious Leaders and Faith Communities: In 2009, Auburn Media created curricula for seminary campuses that employ the powerful stories of Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist and interfaith community organizing for eco-justice - from a suburban Lutheran church going green to a Jewish camp for youth to Evangelicals organizing against mountain top removal - found in the new PBS documentary Renewal. The curricula guide seminaries in three ways: to go green themselves, to use the film in ethics courses, and to equip seminarians to use the film in their field placement houses of worship and into the future. For more information about The Renewal Project, click here.

  • The Auburn Coaching Institute/Greenfaith Initiative: In 2009, the Auburn Coaching Institute and Greenfaith, a national program that inspires, educates and mobilizes people of diverse religious backgrounds for environmental leadership, developed an intensive coaching program to support the strongest religious leaders committed to eco-justice. For more information about Auburn's Coaching programs, click here.

  • Check out the Greenfaith Fellowship program 

  • Here's a great piece of social Math to help your community understand how they can make a difference in the environment: 
    One less coal plant is like cutting 40% of Washington’s vehicle emissions. That amounts to all the cars and trucks in Seattle, Tacoma, and Spokane plus the 25 next largest cities in the state, combined. 

The four links that will change the way you live and lead in regard to the environment:

  • • The National Council of Churches USA's (NCC) Eco-Justice Working Group has honored the Rev. Dr. Janet Parker for her sermon, "From Apocalypse to Genesis." Parker is the first recipient of the NCC Environmental Sermon Award; you may listen her sermon in our podcast resources section.
  • GreenProphet offers multi-faith perspectives on environment-related news from politics to technology to health.
  • The Environmental Working Group offers the inside scoop from a team of scientists, engineers and policy experts on the cutting edge of health and the environment.
  • • The Environment News section of the New York Times can keep you up to date on the story and sermon topic of the week.