Auburn offers consulting services to seminaries, denominations, and other organizations and institutions that train religious leaders.

The Center's experienced consultants use Auburn's extensive collection of data on theological education and findings from the Center's studies to help institutions understand the challenges and solve the problems that confront them. The Center will design consulting to meet your needs and budget.

Consultants’ areas of expertise:

  • • Financial Analysis, projections, and planning.
  • • Theological student debt.
  • • Transition and start-up support for new presidents/chief executives.
  • • Presidential evaluation.
  • • Program evaluation.
  • • Inter-institutional planning and alliances.
  • • Multifaith education and integration in theological education.

If your institution's needs do not fit neatly into one of the foregoing categories, Auburn may still be able to help. The Center's consultants are available for initial conversations at no cost. If Auburn does not have the expertise to assist you, we may be able to recommend other sources.


Auburn's consulting service operates on a non-profit basis.

For further information email Anthony Ruger or phone him at 708-386-5516.