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The peace movement called Women of Liberia Mass Action for Peace led to the election of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in 2005, making Liberia the first African nation with a female president.  To learn how your faith community can screen this extraordinary film, click here.

Posted March 17, 2010 | 22 Comments

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Auburn Coaching Institute: Rev. J.C. Austin

The Auburn Coaching Institute is Auburn’s flagship program in which we work with pastors of every denomination across the country on not only surviving the challenges they currently face but also thriving in the midst of them. Click here to learn more about  Auburn’s coaching and find the program that is right for you.


Posted December 11, 2011 | 13 Comments
Duration: 00:00:31
Auburn Coaching Institute: Rev. J.C. Austin

The Auburn Coaching Institute has helped hundreds of church leaders thrive in their ministries and strengthens church leaders in the ways they need the most: organizational leadership, personal resilience, and vocational discernment. Click here to learn more about Auburn’s coaching and find the program that is right for you.  


Posted December 11, 2011 | 453 Comments
Duration: 00:00:38
Auburn Media Training: Bishop Minerva Carcaño

This clip is a great example of how a prominent religious voice can educate the general public responsibly and engagingly about religion and public life through mass media. If you are a religious leader interested in developing skills that help you communicate more effectively through the media, or if you are a member of the press seeking religious voices or experts on religion, click here.

Posted December 5, 2011 | 60 Comments
Duration: 00:03:59
Religious Leader: Rabbi Peter Rubinstein

At Occupy Wall Street, Central Synagogue Senior Rabbi Peter Rubinstein played a critical but under-the-radar role in preventing violent confrontations between protestors and the city. Stated Rabbi Rubinstein to The Jewish Week, “My single motivating concern was really the well-being of the city and the protesters.  It would be to nobody’s benefit, not the city’s or theirs, to have a face-off.  My goal was to prevent any potential clashes that didn’t need to happen.” To learn more about Central Synagogue click here.  Learn more about Auburn’s commitment to bridge divides by clicking here.

Posted November 30, 2011 | 0 Comment
Duration: 00:00:05
Religious Leader: Paul Raushenbush

Huffington Post Senior Religion Writer Paul Raushenbush talks about religion in this century's evolving realm of technology. Hear more of Rev. Raushenbush’s recent interview with Krista Tippett ‘Occupying the Gospel’ On Being by clicking here and click here to see his picks for top religion stories of 2011. For more Auburn podcast resources click here.

Posted November 30, 2011 | 1221 Comments
Duration: 00:00:30
Religious Leader: John Gehring

Faith in Public Life Senior Writer and Catholic Outreach Coordinator John Gehring speaks with Richard Lui on Jansing & Co. about the U.S. Catholic Bishops recent push on religious liberty issues and the need for more focus on economic justice. For more information about Faith in Public Life click here.  For Auburn resources on religion and justice to help your work troubling the waters and healing the world click here

Posted November 22, 2011 | 10 Comments
Duration: 00:03:01
In the News: Occupy Wall Street

Bishop Gene Robinson appears on The Rachel Maddow Show to discuss Occupy Wall Street and the Occupy Movement worldwide.  For more Auburn resources on religion and justice click here. Learn how Auburn can be a resource to your faith community by clicking here.

Posted November 21, 2011 | 5 Comments
Duration: 00:05:40
Groundswell in the News

On Friday November 18th's episode of The Dylan Ratigan Show, MSNBC contributor Krystal Ball mentioned Groundswell’s campaign against the sex trafficking of girls and boys via Village Voice Media’s website Learn more about this Groundswell campaign to stop youth sex trafficking and sign your name to join this campaign - concerned citizens click here and clergy click here

Posted November 21, 2011 | 26 Comments
Duration: 00:03:55
Religious Leader: Rev. Dr. Michael Brown


Marble Collegiate Church Senior Minister Rev. Dr. Michael Brown shares a story of gratitude found in an unexpected place. This week is Thanksgiving and an opportunity to bring the message of thanks to your community of faith. To learn more about Auburn as a resource for your teaching and preaching click here. To learn more about Marble Collegiate Church click here.



Posted November 17, 2011 | 137 Comments
Duration: 00:02:37
Peace Is Possible 2011: Highlights

At the Peace Is Possible event on November 7th Auburn celebrated the 11th anniversary of Face to Face|Faith to Faith with compelling conversation among millennial leaders and participants from the Middle East, Northern Ireland, South Africa and the United States.  Click here to watch more from Peace Is Possible 2011. Learn more about Face to Face and how it brings young leaders of divergent faiths together to bridge religious divides by clicking here.

Posted November 15, 2011 | 11 Comments
Duration: 00:05:53