Auburn for the Week of May 9
By Kellie Anderson-Picallo
May 4, 2011

More than 450 gathered for Auburn’s Lives of Commitment last Friday May 6th. If you couldn’t be there we don’t want you to miss a thing! Auburn has the full video and podcast of Lives of Commitment, some of our favorite moments and also video of the panel discussion from Auburn’s new Generosity and Gender Justice Initiative. Use these videos to equip your community with skills and tools to empower women in your faith community. Also, save the date for Sunday May 15th 1:30pm – 4:00 for a NYC Interfaith Teach-In. All this and more on the Auburn Web site.

Religious Leader of the Week At Auburn Lives of Commitment 2011, Honoree Chely Wright touched all of us with her powerful story of country music success yet leading a double life as an LGBT woman who feared sharing her story publicly. In this clip, Chely tells how it was her Christian faith that gave her the trust to be open. Chely is now an active LGBT activist.

Auburn Lives of Commitment What a fabulous event and we want you to see every minute of it! Click here for the full broadcast and here to download the Podcast. This week Auburn launched our Generosity and Gender Justice Initiative and watch the full panel discussion here and download the Podcast here. Meet Generosity and Gender Justice Director Kathy LeMay by clicking here and meet Auburn’s Women’s Multifaith Education Director Lisa Anderson by clicking here.

Interfaith Teach-In Don’t miss this open conversation among New Yorkers SUNDAY, MAY 15, 2011 1:30-4:00
The Dialogue Project 9th Annual Citywide Interfaith Teach-In on Approaching the 10th Anniversary of 9/11
KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Haroon Moghul and Joshua Stanton with the Peace of Heart Choir. Explore with a teacher of a different faith or ethnicity: 199 Chambers at West Street-BMCC Richard Harris Terrace (A,C,E,1,2,3 to Chambers or 4,5 to Brooklyn Bridge)

Prepare New York Auburn President Katharine Henderson encourages people of faith to embrace Prepare New York and bring healing to the nation. Prepare New York is a coalition of New York based interfaith organizations who are committed to preparing New York City and the nation for the 10-year anniversary of 9/11 by promoting civil dialogue, education about religious pluralism, support for the Muslim community, and coordinating events on the day of the anniversary. This interview is courtesy of Odyssey Network and their Faith Under Fire coverage. Click here to learn more about Prepare New York . Click here for more information on Odyssey Network.

Groundswell Groundswell is a new multi-faith initiative that will help channel the aspirations of the emerging generation and inspire strategic action for justice. We believe that most Americans -- people of faith, as well as atheists, agnostics and the seeking -- are hungry to tap into a calling at the core of their being. Groundswell will offer one way for us to transcend bitter polarization, identify common ground, roll up our sleeves and work together to repair the world. Click here to meet Groundswell Director Valarie Kaur.

Auburn’s Seminarians in Israel Video Auburn Seminary offers a Seminarians in Israel program that brings together emerging Christian and Jewish faith leaders to visit Israel and the West Bank and experience the region through each other's eyes. Click here to watch this video and learn more about this remarkable program.

Looking for more resources from Auburn? Email Rev. Kellie Anderson-Picallo for more information to help your community.


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