Auburn Teaching and Preaching Resources for the week of July 4th
By Auburn
June 23, 2010

Looking for ways to strengthen your teaching and preaching and stay current with all that is happening in news and information? Here’s how Auburn’s resources can strengthen your message to trouble the waters and heal the world.

Use these resources to think about your message and education planning for the week. Auburn is rooted in Christian tradition and maintains a covenant agreement with the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. This week Presbyterian leaders – ministers, elders, deacons and lay people – will gather for Presbyterian General Assembly. Follow this link to hear Presbyterian minister and Auburn President Katharine Henderson shape the leadership of the future and click here to hear her call for entrepreneurial leadership to ground the future of the church. Learn more about Auburn’s dynamic Presbyterian programs for students and faith leaders. And follow this link to hear Presbyterian Moderator Rev. Bruce Reyes-Chow speak to the power of the Presbyterian Church.

July 4th is Independence Day and a chance to reflect on the freedom of choices that the United States offers. Did you know that Independence Day has theological origins?  Click here to learn more and inspire your community to talk about the places where freedoms are not yet received.  Independence Day can also a be a powerful opportunity to talk about the freedoms won and remember that we are currently a nation at war.  Click here for a documentary resource that can help explore the ethical challenges of war.  Auburn tracks justice movements that are seeking the help and support of more voices to create effective change. Poverty, eco-justice, immigration – follow this link to learn more about the places your community of faith can help.

Here's one way to use the Auburn Web site for your preaching or teaching. • Last week I used the Auburn resources to help me in my sermon, worship and teaching preparation. To preach on the U.S. celebration of Juneteenth and the continued need to speak openly about racial justice and equality in all areas of life, I resourced Auburn’s Facebook and Twitter postings. This alerted me to the news of the week and how current events touch at a religious life of faith.  I watched Auburn’s recommended documentary clips on civil rights and heard personal stories that touched and inspired me. •I’m still thinking about this new documentary about how the global church ended South African apartheid. I podcasted the StoryCorps story on segregation and reflected on how our faith calls us to risk, even in moments when we doubt that we are ready to create lasting change. I followed the links that Auburn recommended to outstanding Web sites that provided rich research into the history and mission of Juneteenth. All of these resource tools enriched my prayerful devotion of Luke’s Gospel text.  •I created a sermon message and worship service that challenged the congregation to find their voice in their communities, offices and classrooms and let their faith guide them to respond to God more deeply and turn to their neighbor with love and mercy.

Looking ahead
Start your planning now for World Population Day by watching this clip from a documentary film Auburn recommends that will stir and inspire your congregation to think about how their small acts can lead to effective change around the world.   And learn about The Riyaadah, the annual Islamic atheltic competition which promotes unity through sport.  Click here to learn more.

Looking for more ideas to help your religious community? Contact Auburn’s Associate for Media and Education, the Rev. Kellie Anderson-Picallo  with any questions.

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