Auburn Resources for the week of 12/20
By Kellie Anderson-Picallo
December 15, 2010

This week Auburn looks to the 12/20 and 12/21 PBS premiere of The Calling, information on a new viral video campaign to make a NEW YEARS RESOLUTION for immigration reform and we have resources for this week’s International Human Solidarity Day, Posada Navidenas and the Christian calendar turns to the Advent week of Love. Auburn has new resources and information for all of this and more on the Auburn Web site.

In the News Immigration reform has never been more important and upcoming legislation for The Dream Act will shape a generation. Here’s a great link to track this story. Auburn is partnering with Church World Service for a New Year’s Resolution – a campaign to inspire and be inspired, renew your commitment to building more welcoming communities and advocating for humane immigration policies in 2011, and share that commitment with others. Find full information and a link to CWS Executive Director John McCullough's ”New Year’s Resolution for More Welcoming Communities” Click here to get the CWS toolkit and learn more and be a part of the New Year's Resolution campaign. Or listen to Auburn’s Religious Leader of the Week, Rev. Mark Adams who has made his New Year’s Resolution by clicking here

And International Human Solidarity Day on December 20th is an opportunity to bring a message of bridging religious divides into your faith community. Auburn recommends the film Divided We Fall as a resource for film and discussion about the common and sacred space we share with all the world and click here to learn more.

The Calling Watch The Calling this week on 12/20 and 12/21 on PBS! Auburn has partnered with this 2-night series and click here to learn more. What’s Your Calling? Don’t miss this film which tracks 7 compelling stories of upcoming leadership and what it means to be Called to trouble the waters and heal the world and click here for more.

In Church News This week church’s worldwide celebrate the Advent week of Love. Click here for Advent resources including a film series that can inspire your congregation to put their faith into action this holiday season. Also, Auburn's Director for the Center of the Study of Theological Education and former president, Barbara Wheeler, preached at the Presbyterian Center in Louisville. She planned a week of worship for the PC(USA) Committee on Congregational Song using only psalms as the hymns and readings. Let these Psalms be a resource to your community by clicking here.

Follow Auburn on Twitter and Facebook by clicking here. And email Rev. Kellie Anderson-Picallo with any of your questions about the latest media to help your work troubling the waters.


Tags: The Calling; Immigration Reform

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