By Auburn
July 22, 2014
"I would love to see denominations and seminaries work out new and creative ways to train clergy at a more reasonable financial cost.”
By Lisa Anderson
July 22, 2014
"And in order for the Church to really be the church today, we must bear witness to the liberation song God has sung to us, and the life lessons those songs have taught us, and can teach others - right here & right now."
By Auburn
July 22, 2014
“As people of faith, we believe that every human being is created in the image of God and has sacred worth."
By Auburn
July 21, 2014
“We stand in support of President Obama’s executive order to curb discrimination and to protect lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) workers, and affirm his decision not to include a religious exemption."
Thrilled to introduce you to our new head of research!
By Auburn
July 15, 2014
Auburn just appointed a visionary new leader to our staff and I’m so excited to tell you about him: our new Vice President for Applied Research.
By Auburn
July 08, 2014
American faith-based morals and ethics have a critical role to play in framing the national debate about the role of money in politics.
By Auburn
July 08, 2014
More than 100 faith leaders from across the country are asking President Obama to leave out a religious exemption in his upcoming executive order.
By Elizabeth Dias
July 08, 2014
Over 100 faith leaders asked Pres. Obama on Tuesday not to include a religious exemption in his upcoming exec. order to ban job discrimination on the basis of gender identity & sexual orientation among federal employees.
By Auburn
July 03, 2014
A cohort of 15 scholars, activists, and artists from around the globe will gather at Auburn Theological Seminary (Auburn) for a month-long research, writing and collaborative convening in July.
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