Celebrating Lives of Commitment & join us for Auburn Conversations!
By Auburn
April 22, 2015
Auburn and nearly 600 supporters from across America celebrated the courage, love and commitment of the 2015 Lives of Commitment Honorees. Thank you!
By Auburn
April 14, 2015
"Today, Auburn Seminary joins leaders from many faiths and advocates for justice, as we pray for the 219 Nigerian schoolgirls still missing one year after their abduction," - Rev. Dr. Katharine Rhodes Henderson
Meet the 2015 Lives of Commitment Honorees
By Auburn
April 09, 2015
Celebrating leaders of faith and moral courage who trouble the waters and heal the world at Auburn's 19th annual Lives of Commitment Awards!
By Auburn
April 08, 2015
"Auburn continues to stand with the Black Lives Matter movement to work toward a criminal justice system in which officers of the law pursue justice rather than perpetuate a culture of fear against Black men and youth."
By Auburn
April 05, 2015
“Obviously black lives matter and what has been happening for young people of color, not only throughout the city, but throughout this world,” - Rev. John Vaughn
Building communities, healing the world!
By Auburn
April 03, 2015
"I am inspired each day by the spirit of love and deep commitment in the multifaith movement for justice" — Rev. Dr. Katharine Rhodes Henderson
By Macky Alston
April 03, 2015
"I help leaders of faith and moral courage speak in the media about what they believe and how to make the world a better place." — Macky Alston
By Auburn
April 02, 2015
"Raushenbush is then joined by Lisa Anderson and Amichai Lau-Lavie who are helping to organize a large interfaith gathering happening this week in New York called Freedom's Feast."
Watch Auburn leaders on The Today Show!
By Auburn
March 31, 2015
"This morning I was honored to join leaders of faith and moral courage on The Today Show for their week-long series on God, spirituality, and religion!" — Rev. Dr. Katharine Rhodes Henderson
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