Come hear Moral Mondays leader the Rev. Dr. William Barber II at Judson Memorial Church, Tues. September 30, 6:30 p.m.
By Auburn
September 16, 2014
We invite you to come hear modern-day prophet the Rev. Dr. William Barber II offer a vision of the world as it should be and a plan for you to be a part of making that vision a reality.
By Auburn
September 16, 2014
We don’t march because we think we alone can turn the Titanic around. We do march as partners with Noah and God. We know we need a miracle and we know God isn’t pleased.
By Auburn
September 05, 2014
Auburn Theological Seminary calls on all communities of faith to gather together for peace and offer support to the Sarsour family through their prayers, congregational work, and community work.
By Auburn
August 28, 2014
The Rev. Dr. Katharine Rhodes Henderson has released the following statement in honor of the 51st anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington the Moral Monday movement.
By Auburn
August 26, 2014
Today we honor and pray for all women leaders who are transforming society toward a more just and loving society.
More Beautiful Stories, More Just Scripts from Communities of Faith
By Auburn
August 25, 2014
When people and communities of goodwill conspire across lines of difference to leverage our privilege on behalf of others, then the narrative changes from us-versus-them to us-with-them and suddenly everyone has a stake.
By Auburn
August 21, 2014
As money flooding our political system challenges our self-government, people of faith must engage on two topics we too often avoid: money and power.
By Auburn
August 14, 2014
"Listen to your friends and colleagues of color about their experiences and analysis of racism in America."
By Auburn
August 07, 2014
The Center for Progressive Renewal’s Atlanta conference brings together religious leaders and experts from across the country to enrich ministries and share entrepreneurial skills.
You need to know my friend Sapreet Kaur
By Auburn
August 04, 2014
We thank you, Sapreet, for the way you lead with boundless hope, burnished by a lifetime of trial, strengthened by a lifetime of service.
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