September 2010

By Kellie Anderson-Picallo
September 30, 2010
Let Auburn be a resource to you in your planning. For the week of October 4, here are resources for you to trouble the waters and heal the world in your community. Be sure to save the date for October 6th to watch Aubu

By Kellie Anderson-Picallo
September 22, 2010
Auburn has put together resources for you this week that help you track the top news stories for your work to trouble the waters and heal the world in your community. This week Jews around the world celebrate Simchat To

By Kellie Anderson-Picallo
September 14, 2010
For the week of September 20th Jews around the world celebrate Sukkot and prepare for Simhat Torah. Here’s how Auburn can be a resource to help you plan your week.

By Lisa Anderson
September 13, 2010
Former Lives of Committment honoree, Daisy Khan continues to impact the work of Auburn Seminary in powerful and compelling ways.

By Kellie Anderson-Picallo
September 10, 2010
Preaching or teaching this week? Let Auburn help you trouble the waters and heal the world. We track what’s in the news, pop culture and the religious calendar. Read on for resources to help you for this week of Septembe

By Justus Baird
September 08, 2010
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