July 2010

By Kellie Anderson-Picallo
July 21, 2010
For the week of August 2, let Auburn help you strengthen your message to trouble the waters and heal the world. More than 1 billion Muslims around the world will soon be observing Ramadan, one of the holiest months in t

By Kellie Anderson-Picallo
July 21, 2010
Looking for teaching and preaching resources for your community this week? For this week of July 26, let Auburn be a resource to help you strengthen your message to trouble the waters and heal the world. Consider highl

By Jeanine Caunt
July 14, 2010
We at Auburn grieve the loss of the Rev. George William "Bill" Webber.

By Auburn
July 14, 2010
The week of July 19th is rich with ideas to help you teach and preach and let Auburn help you stay current with all that is happening in religious news and resources. Consider highlighting National Parent’s Day in your m

By Audrey White
July 13, 2010
I’m terrible at endings, especially when endings mean being strewn about across the world. My heart ached to watch the participants leave, and it is strange to not hear them yelling and talking and laughing from a short

By Audrey White
July 12, 2010
As we close out the camp, one of the most important things we do is write affirmations. Each participant, LIT and staff member has a brown paper bag with his or her name on it, and everyone has the opportunity to write n

By Audrey White
July 09, 2010
The panel I participated in reminded all of us that the work we do in our wonderful safety bubble at Holmes is all in preparation for continued action.

By Audrey White
July 09, 2010
Between exhaustion and failed internet, I’ve been slow on these posts. Several to come!

By Justus Baird
July 08, 2010
The Face to Face / Faith to Faith summer intensive is off to an incredible start. 70 participants from the four regions are here - 58 first-years and 12 leaders-in-training.
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