About Us

A welcome from Auburn President the Rev. Dr. Katharine Rhodes Henderson

Our nation stands at a pivotal moment in history. Today, exceptional faith leaders are moving the needle on vital issues and guiding our nation toward justice. Auburn is at the forefront of faith-led movements, as we train and equip leaders, both established and emerging, with the capacities, skills and resolve needed to uplift our world.

Research tells us that every major social movement has had prophetic voices, drawing on the great religious traditions to chart a just way forward. Research also tells us that today’s prophets need help so their voices will rise above the noise of political or corporate interests that can lead us down ruinous paths. Spurred by more than 20 years of bridging religious differences through education, Auburn is building a leadership development institute (a think/act tank) connecting faith with the most pressing public issues of our time. We draw strength and inspiration from partners across the country, individuals and institutions, both religious and secular.

Together, we leverage impact.

In October 2013, Auburn affirmed a new Strategic Plan aimed at achieving a single, clear goal: to equip leaders of faith and moral courage to work for social change in order to heal and repair the world.

Auburn identifies, equips and supports the game-changing faith leaders of our time; provides the platforms to help leaders reach broad audiences; and applies research to ensure that Auburn and others dedicated to leadership formation are achieving impact.

Our plan honors Auburn’s 200-year-old legacy and long-standing commitment to champion the great social issues of the day — from ending slavery to suffrage to economic equality. It also honors our deep connections to the world of theological education and to communities of many faith traditions in the United States and abroad. Auburn’s new strategies and goals charge this bold new moment of service with the entrepreneurial energy necessary to fuel leadership.

At Auburn, we aspire for our work to be of consequence and relevance, and to draw in people of faith and of no faith — indeed, anyone who has a stake in the common good. We believe healthy communities, local and global, are possible only when people reach across lines of religion, politics, age, ability, race, gender, class, power and privilege and engage in building a just world with those who may think differently.

We look forward to our finding the way together.

On behalf of Auburn, I welcome you to join the conversation to “trouble the waters and heal the world.” We invite you to partner with us in the life and work of Auburn. Please read our most recent email newsletter, and subscribe to our mailing list, meet our staff, donate to Auburn, use this website as a resource for your life and work. Come to our courses and events, and join the groundswell, our movement-building initiative.

Celebrate this moment of life and purpose.

The one thing we know for sure is that, with you and with God, all things are possible.

The Rev. Dr. Katharine Rhodes Henderson
President, Auburn Theological Seminary