The Center for the Study of Theological Education (CSTE) offers research and consulting to strengthen the institutions that educate religious leaders. The Center studies a wide range of topics, including students, faculty, finances, administrative leadership, educational programs and the public role of theological schools. Using the Center's extensive data base, consultants from the Center help schools evaluate programs, balance budgets, plan strategy, forge partnerships with other institutions, organize searches, and support seminary leadership, especially new presidents. CSTE serves all religious groups and is the only research institute devoted solely to theological education. To learn more about this important research, click here

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Strengthening theological education has been a priority at Auburn for decades. In the 1960s, Dean Robert Wood Lynn launched the first-ever study of the history of theological education in America. Building on this work and additional studies of innovative forms of theological education, President Barbara G. Wheeler founded the Auburn Center for the Study of Theological Education in 1991. She now serves as the Center's director.